Private Label Clients

Most private label clients prefer not to be mentioned, but both the owners of Schilo’s Delicatessen and Casa Rio have publicly released information regarding Son Beverage Co. private labeling their products.

Schilo’s Delicatessen

Our company has manufactured the popular Schilo’s root beer fountain Son Beverage Co. Schilo's Rootbeersyrup since 1948. The 3rd generation of the Schilo’s Schilos Deli RootBeerfamily took over the restaurant operation in 1942 and they formed a business relationship with our founder six years later.  These two sealed a verbal agreement that our company would produce the root beer fountain syrup for Schilo’s Deli.  Bill Lyons contacted our company in 1997 to confirm the continuation of this verbal agreement and it is still honored to this day.  This root beer has been highlighted in various magazines including Southern Living, Texas Highways, and Texas Monthly.  Multiple root beer enthusiast websites claim this to be among the best root beer.