Let Son Beverage partner with you for your Co-packing needs!

Co-packing refers to a client’s proprietary formulation being produced and manufactured by Son Beverage Co. under a contractual agreement. Co-packing is a common method for individuals that already have a product formula they want to produce and bottle for retail use without the investment of owning a manufacturing plant.

There are two different ways of co-packing:

  • The client will bring their own proprietary formula to Son Beverage Co. to produce and bottle for them.
  • The client will deliver their already manufactured product to Son Beverage Co. for bottling. In this case for co-packing, Son Beverage Co. does not have the formula and will require a Certificate of Analysis with each container of product being delivered for each order.

In either case, the client retains all rights and ownership of their proprietary formula. Typically the client will have Son Beverage sign a non-disclosure agreement which forbids Son Beverage to share the customer’s formulation to others without prior approval. This also restricts Son Beverage from saying they bottle this product.

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