Private Label

Let Son Beverage Company bring your beverage idea to market!

Private Labeling refers to Son Beverage Company partnering with you to develop a product formula that meets your flavor specifications, and packaging it under your private label. This formula can be created exclusively for you or be an adjustment of a current product you bring to us to suit your specifications. Our product development specialist will work one-on-one with you to develop the exact beverage profile according to taste, viscosity and color specifications.

Product Development Consists of:

  • Sampling beverages created by Son Beverage’s product development team specifically for you
  • Consultation with the Son Beverage Team to obtain sources for:
    • Packaging
    • Ingredients
    • Labeling
    • FDA guidelines
    • Local Labs contact information if shelf life testing is needed
    • Distributors for the final product

No matter what stage of development your product is in, we have the know-how and ability to move the project through to completion. In fact, all that is needed is an idea for a drink, and Son Beverage will do the rest for your private label product.

Private Label Options:

  • Develop a client’s own unique formula according to your flavor specifications
  • Match an existing product to use under your label
  • Private Label any of Jell-Craft products to promote a client’s own brand and product identity

Reasons to choose Son Beverage Company for Private Label Needs:

  • Access to ingredients, labels, packaging materials, freight, and sales connections developed through our longtime business relationships
  • Over 75 years of experience in the beverage industry
  • In-house lab and Product Development Professionals to work with you
  • Specialization in hard to find Latino flavors
  • HACCP certified and follows Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Over 75 years of experience in working with customers to develop the exact flavor and color profile for their signature product

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