Get an Ingredient Broker!

Get an Ingredient Broker!

August 10, 2022 Co-Packing Private Label 0
Ingredient Broker for Co-packers

In June, we wrote a blog post called “Four Steps to Take Prior to Working with a Co-Packer,” and as we thought more about the tips, we wanted to add a Bonus one we did not mention.

Get an Ingredient Broker!

What is an Ingredient Broker?

An ingredient broker is a broker who works specifically with ingredient suppliers to source ingredients. They have access to multiple suppliers and can provide several samples of an ingredient so you can find the one you’re looking for.

Why is an Ingredient Broker Beneficial?

  • Access – Brokers have access to locating ingredients that may be harder for you to locate yourself.
  • New – Brokers are in the know of when a new ingredient is released and can present it to you before it becomes a hot commodity on the market.
  • Pricing – Brokers can help negotiate or provide pricing that you may not have access to otherwise if you go directly to the manufacturer of the ingredient
  • Technical Support–Brokers can link you up with the ingredient’s technical support department so they can help you use that ingredient specifically for your product. Each ingredient has its own specifications to follow, so this is a very valuable tool.

How to find an Ingredient Broker?

Turn to Google and do your research on ingredient brokers. Ask for recommendations on social media sites such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also a great site to search for Ingredient Brokers and learn more about them.

Once you have found Ingredient brokers, you’re interested in using, call them to discuss what suppliers they recommend and how they can help you with your beverage.

We have worked with ingredient brokers over the years and would be glad to discuss further if you find that of value.  Please contact us here for more information.

If you aren’t sure if you fall under the category of private label or co-packing, check out this blog post to learn the difference.