Creating Memories for 70 Years

Creating Memories for 70 Years

April 14, 2015 In the News 0

Son Beverage celebrates Jell-Craft Products 70th Anniversary

Jell-Craft 70th Anniversary Press Release

San Antonio, TX –  April 14, 2015 – For 70 years, Jell-Craft products, manufactured by Son Beverage Company, have been enjoyed by thousands of San Antonio residents and visitors. In downtown, you will find snow cones in Alamo Plaza, Schilo’s Deli root beer and Casa Rio margaritas – all made with Jell-Craft products.

The brand has many loyal customers who have shared their memories of enjoying our line of products at different events throughout their lives. From Sunday School and classroom holiday parties to birthday and family gatherings to weddings and retirement celebrations, Jell-Craft has been at every happy occasion.

The Jell-Craft line of products include snow cone syrups, punch concentrates, and cocktail mixes. The snow cone syrups come in a variety of flavors – including traditional, Hispanic and Asian flavors. Some of the most popular and unique flavors are Chili Mango and Sal y Lemon. The brand products have been recognized by Texas Monthly and Texas Highways magazines and can be found at HEB, Sam’s Club, specialty retailers, and wholesale distributors across the state.

“Our syrups are made with only the finest ingredients, producing brightly colored syrup with the perfect texture, to keep the syrup on top of the ice. We manufacture many different raspa flavors, supplying a large number of the San Antonio and South Texas area raspa vendors, theme parks and restaurants. Vendors love having the bright colored Jell-Craft label on their raspa carts because it attracts children and adults of all ages to want to enjoy a snow cone.” says Tim Son, Vice-President of Son Beverage.

The Jell-Craft brand was created by Walter Oertling, owner of Blue Bonnet Potato Chip Company in 1945. The company produced potato chips under the label of Carmen’s Potato Chips until the 1970’s in addition to beverage bases and snow cone syrups. Tim and Mary Son purchased the company in 1997. Mary is the daughter-in-law of the founder and widow of Robert (Bobby) J. Oertling, president of Blue Bonnet Potato Chip Co. from 1978-1989.

Tim and Mary Son have expanded the company to offer private labeling and co-packing services for many well-known restaurants, grocery chains and theme parks throughout Texas.

Jell-Craft offers group tours of their manufacturing facilty that end with making a cool and refreshing snow cone.


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