Mocktails, the Drink of Choice

Mocktails, the Drink of Choice

October 12, 2020 Beverage Industry Co-Packing Private Label 0

You have probably heard of “Dry January, or Sober October,” which is where people choose to not consume alcohol for that month and may choose a Mocktail in its place.

However, people are choosing to use Dry January or Sober October to stop or cut back on alcohol consumption altogether and use this as a healthier way of living, both physically and mentally. According to Nielsen’s State of the Nation report, a quarter of Americans are looking for ways to cut back on alcohol consumption.

Dry January and Sober October allow individuals to have a clean start and relinquish in the health benefits of a month with non-alcohol consumption. With consumers wanting to continue to drink less alcohol, Mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks) are becoming more and more the drink of choice.

In fact, mocktails have been around for decades such as in the form of Shirley Temples, Arnold Palmers, and Roy Rogers. With dry months and non-alcohol consumption becoming trendier, the beverage line of Mocktails continues to expand.

Mocktails are simply just mixed non-alcoholic drinks that can be a combination of juices, sodas, and/or syrups. It is a refreshing beverage that everyone can enjoy.

Son Beverage Co. has the capability to private label a delicious refreshing Mocktails for you!  Whether it is a sweet drink, one with a little spice or tartness, Son Beverage will work with you to match the flavor profile you want for your Mocktail Beverage.

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