Sno-Cones for Sale

Sno-Cones for Sale

April 28, 2021 Snow Cones 0

Five Tips to Start a Kid’s Sno-Cone Stand

DIY Sno-Cone Stand

Lemonade stands are a classic summer experience and a great way to embrace the hot temperatures! They are also a good way to teach your kids important skills.

However, why not just have a Sno-Cone stand instead or better yet, cart them around the neighborhood yelling, “Sno-Cones for Sale.” That is what these boys did!

According to Samuel Edwards, a Digital Strategist and Writer for, “Kids taught about business early value money and have a better work ethic.” He goes on to list the Five Benefits of teaching young children Entrepreneurship.

Lemonade Stands, Car Washes, and Mowing Lawns have always been a popular method for kids to earn money. It is rare to see kids selling Sno-Cones, and this is such a delicious treat to have, especially if you live where temperatures get up to 100 degrees or more during the summertime.

To help your child start their own Sno-Cone Stand, here are some tips.

  1. Ice – You can choose to blend your own ice or go somewhere with an ice chest such as Pure Party Ice and purchase Sno-Cone Ice (Snow Ice)! At Pure Party Ice they will fill up your ice chest and you will purchase based on bulk or your ice chest size.
  1. Sno-Cone Syrup – Cost of Jell-Craft Sno-Cone Syrup ranges based on bottle size and quantity. Jell-Craft Syrups are sold here. Jell-Craft Sno-Cones have an extensive list of flavors to choose from, and for most kids, it’s all about the color!
  1. Gloves for serving, Cups, Spoons and/or Straws for eating – That’s all you need to supply to eat Sno-Cones! You can pick these items up at any of the places you buy Jell-Craft Sno-Cone Syrup from or even your local grocery store.
  1. Sign (optional) – Your child can come up with a creative Sno-Cone Stand name and use Canva to create a sign!
  1. Grab a cart or use a stand and start selling Jell-Craft Sno-Cones!

What better way for your child to pass the long summer days than earning money on their own while developing skills to set them up for their future! Whether they choose to keep the proceeds or donate them to a charity, this will be a fun and unique way to spend time with your child this summer!

Sno-Cone Stand Photo by, Elizabeth Miller and Vecteezy