Meet Mary Son

Meet Mary Son

September 26, 2022 In the News Jell-Craft Products 0

Mary is the President and co-owner of Son Beverage Company. As she is nearing retirement, it was fitting when Voyage San Antonio reached out wanting to highlight her in their online magazine!

Son Beverage Company, the manufacturer of Jell-Craft products, history isn’t found on either the Son Beverage Company or Jell-Craft products websites. It’s one that is told in person and has yet been put to pen and paper.

The Son’s like to highlight the rich history of Jell-Craft products which is a significant part to Son Beverage Company, but it isn’t the story of Son Beverage.

Grab a cup of Joe, or tea as is Mary’s preference, and celebrate with the Sons on their 25th year of Son Beverage Company and for the first time, their story is in print. Enjoy reading their history in, 
Hidden Gems: Meet Mary Son of Son Beverage Company.